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The office movers at BRS Move in New York, New York, are your own business relocation experts. Boasting more than 35 years of experience, our crew is comprised of individuals who have each held respected positions in his or her field. When you combine depth of experience with a large scope of services, you get the kind of comprehensive service that BRS provides.

Prompt Relocation Services

In addition to effectively supervising personnel, the best corporate office transfers require an exceptional ability to gather, process, analyze, and manage information. BRS has collectively refined the procedures and techniques necessary to accomplish this. In other words, we have become the best in office relocation by becoming project supervisors, installers, and storage providers as well.

Preplanning, planning, move management, communications, and implementation—our systems and our resources have proven successful time and again. Every move is based on quantitative measures that provide informed assumptions, which allows for the proper allocation of human resources, equipment, and materials.

The first factor is an accurate inventory (survey) of all the items to be moved. The BRS project management team will then survey egress and ingress, building conditions, and general overall factors that may affect the progress of your project.

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