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Commercial Movers With Relocation Management

Let the commercial movers of BRS Move in New York, New York, give you full project management for your relocation. The BRS management team is comprised of multifaceted personnel with years of experience in corporate administration, finance, design, real estate and facilities. We bring order to your moving project, coordinating the efforts of everyone involved as a conductor leads an orchestra.

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Relocation Project Management

Moving a busy office can be a daunting task, especially when you don't have the resources or experience to manage the project efficiently. We will first develop a plan that meets the unique needs of your organization, and then determine the best course of action from there.

Whether it's assisting, coordinating with your voice and data providers, compiling furniture and equipment inventories, or the myriad other details that surface when moving a work space, we work to ensure a successful project. These services are made available to clients anywhere in the US.

The versatile skills of our team are particularly important because of the wide range of different jobs that each project proves to require. This uniqueness adds to the complexity and financial risk of moving, but working with one company, such as ours, greatly minimizes these issues, as we cover:
Identifying & Describing Components of a Project | Writing a Project Summary Scope Statement | Identifying the Project Team | Developing a Project Plan | Developing a Contingency Plan | Preparing a Project Budget | Executing the Plan | Follow-Ups